The Story

I salvage unsalvagable pre 1980’s car panels with glorious patina, and I save those little historic morsels from landfill, further deterioration or disappearing into the world of scrap metal, chop them up and turn them into precious, hardy, playful and whimsical jewellery.

Every aspect of Gasolena is handmade, from the sterling silver hooks, hoops and findings, to the hand cutting of all of the recycled metal, and the paper packaging that they are displayed on.

Gasolena began long before I chopped up the rusted old tailgate of my own Holden EK Panelvan, Elsie.
My dad restores vintage cars, his dad before him too. My Nana and Mum have always mended, sewn and recreated clothing, and my great grandfather was a Blacksmith. All of these practices are ingrained in me, beautiful vintage cars, and making do & making new. Really it was a few lifetimes in the making.